May 2011

Lovely Vivid Hues:

A city is made mostly of the shade grey.

Is it relevant that sky and sea are most regularly blue? Can grey penetrate blue? Most cities need air/water.


So then there’s abraham lincoln and this concept that a house split in 2 is not one.

and research shows that half the population’s homes started as one into 2. not 2 into 1. which is the opposite of unity.

combining is essentially sturdier than division.

there’s a clean air act and a clean water act.
and they cancel out sometimes in legislation.


poets matter so much they are laureates.

laureate is defined: Worthy of the greatest honor or distinction// or: Crowned or decked with laurel as a mark of honor// or: (the Archaic definition) Made of laurel sprigs, as a wreath or crown.

a recent laureate, Charles Simic, stated the following about a poet’s job description. These are his 7 truths, perhaps?

“A few things to keep in mind while sitting down to write a poem:

1. Don’t tell the readers what they already know about life.
2. Don’t assume you’re the only one in the world who suffers.
3. Some of the greatest poems in the language are sonnets and poems not many lines longer than that, so don’t overwrite.
4. The use of images, similes and metaphors make poems concise. Close your eyes, and let your imagination tell you what to do.
5. Say the words you are writing aloud and let your ear decide what word comes next.
6. What you are writing down is a draft that will need additional tinkering, perhaps many months, and even years of tinkering.
7. Remember, a poem is a time machine you are constructing, a vehicle that will allow someone to travel in their own mind, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while to get all its engine parts properly working.”

“Well, Art is Art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now you tell me what you know.” –Groucho Marx

everything is yes or no everything is come and go I’m tired of putting ideas into boxes in houses or buildings or squares. I cannot check yes, or no. who fathomed to create the idea that anything could be so defined as to choose for yourself if you are inside lines? sometimes even the questions don’t relate to living in this time and space. perhaps the whole concept is accepting the quo but the status is that the square does not flow.

There is a disparity that is cultural(ly) trying to define people. The segregation of cities, the movement of intelligent people in them and leaving them and creating new forms of knowledge has been a fist fight of some kind. some sort of primitivism versus advancement or perhaps progression in a different way or maybe it is simply methods of tornadoes/storms versus slowly approaching spring. I am uncertain what the disagreement is but to exert power there are many outlets, strategies, tactics and methods.

the voice of the oppressed now have QUALITY tools to speak. this is knowledge many that was so rare and inaccessible prior to these tools. only now in this technological age are we able to find those that are trying to improve the global village! however, to change things knowledge is needed (knowledge is power). literacy, critical thinking, and strategy are VITAL for improvements. change also requires diver(city).

whilst many have forgotten to pick up their feet and walk, the rest move rapidly. while many fall on bikes some do this each day it is just part of a hike termed (LIVE)-ing.

those that have disciplined away from the buzzing and humming and inconsistent drumming of robotics and technologics are perhaps quite aware of the feeling of breeze, or color of stars, or rhythms of walking. they look into eyes of others, and are not overwhelmed with this feeling that is enamoring humans to their tools (this is obsession, addiction to robotic things changing people for worse.) We can term this: men to machine, melody to mass text, mindfulness to madness.

Smile (it requires less muscle activity!)
this perhaps helps us find something new in living but that is an incredibly old perspective. optimism. (don’t know what u got unless it’s leavin) (absence makes the heart grow fonder) (harmony is seeing what is around you) (beauty is function and cooperation).
So for example the machine has changed me because I do not like it when it leaves me or when things are working improperly or when I start to shut down or anything and the thing is I don’t really believe all these theories and question everything and the professors said it is quite good to be a skeptic.

yes the glass is always half full but we can always fill it the rest of the way up. I mean goodness I never fill a glass of beer up halfway and I enjoy going out in the sun for the entire day not a portion. the purpose of life is complete absorption. nothing should be done in mediocrity. if it should be done then do it well and correctly don’t waste your energy on something that is anything less than your best.

(begin a battle)
so yes I have always had high expectations and yes I have been disappointed and yes I have lost battles but no I have not given up the fight for light/right/might(y) beautiful people. I do sense the perpetrating scent of decaying metal, toxic fumes from mobile auto machines but I also try and leave it regularly. so I go to the park. and I go to the beach. and I don’t really believe the water is that bad though I may be wrong. but it’s not poison anymore to me. I just choose to go anyway and frequently and bring others regularly because I find the consistency of rise and fall replenishing.

this is called acceptance of minimalism, simplicity, and optimism. this is also called silence, solace, solitude, peace. this is also called nature, growth, ecology, biology, anatomy, chromatography, meteorology, geography, geology, dendochronology, hydrology, elasmobranchology, botany. this is also called science. science stems from all aspects of nature. psychology has recently added itself to this system and is termed “ecopsychology” to academics.

SYMBOLZ r interconnected like the EQUAL sign
all formulas from all fields connect. this is basic. if you have a venn diagram, or a bell curve, or a graph or WHATEVER COOL ANALYTICAL SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATION OF REALITY YOU WANT you will notice similarities, overlap and connections. also, why is the study of fresh water and salt water lumped into the same category (hydrology) but then salt water is oceanography but what about fresh water? what is its discipline? Limnology seems limited. Our language has nothing and everything. (and Wittgenstein said the LIMITS OF MY LANGUAGE MEAN THE LIMITS OF MY WORLD.)

Chemical hydrology is the study of the chemical characteristics of water.
Ecohydrology is the study of interactions between organisms and the hydrologic cycle.
Hydrogeology is the study of the presence and movement of ground water.
Hydroinformatics is the adaptation of information technology to hydrology and water resources applications.
Hydrometeorology is the study of the transfer of water and energy between land and water body surfaces and the lower atmosphere.
Isotope hydrology is the study of the isotopic signatures of water.
Surface hydrology is the study of hydrologic processes that operate at or near Earth’s surface.
Drainage basin management covers water-storage, in the form of reservoirs, and flood-protection.
Water quality includes the chemistry of water in rivers and lakes, both of pollutants and natural solutes.
ugh. seems like a buncha really difficult separations of a very connected idea/thing/molecule/substance.
hydrology proves water is always moving. there is a water cycle. capillaries and streams and vessels and dams and all of these things happen. but which allow water to flow rapidly? and what does it mean when a person is stuck like a dam //machine//brake? these are obstructions of continual and consistent visions.

definitions are fascinating. dictionaries are so long, though. i’ve yet to read an entire one. and i like making up my own words, anyway.

a way of living is simply connecting. and this is not done through tools that are invented so much as the ones that are part of our anatomy. eyes should look around and be used to their greatest ability (not potential because potential is the WORST thing, it means you COULD be great but aren’t!). hands, should create like ambidexterity. feet, should walk. the nose should smell pleasant things, and eyes should look around. this results in a discussion of the importance of senses. now of course any limitations on any of the anatomy a person has will cause a change in perspective. but this also happens due to experience.
so it’s basically like nature + nurture = perspective.

Let’s imagine there’s an earthquake tomorrow in the average university town. If only two buildings remained intact at the end of the earthquake, what would they have to be in order to rebuild everything that had been lost? Number one would be the medical building, because you need that to help people survive, to heal injuries and sickness. The other building would be the library. All the other buildings are contained in that one. Reading is at the center of our lives… Without the library you have no civilization. – Ray Bradbury


If you open up scripture, the Gospel according to John starts: “In the beginning was the Word.” Although this has a very particular meaning in Scripture, more broadly what it speaks to is the critical importance of language, of writing, of reading, of communication, of books as a means of transmitting culture and binding us together as a people. – Barack Obama, June 23, 2005, annual conference of the American Library Association

Stickers + buttons + bumper stickers + super glue = important.

Uniqueness. In education we spend so much time emphasizing to the youth their importance as individuals. I find they do not believe me and in fact question most of the concept for multiple reasons. Essentially we are in a culture of assimilation, *some call it monoculture* but this is not necessarily inherently bad as it will make the individuals with the greatest courage, bravery, and strength more pronounced.