August 2015

(but still perhaps a rebel)

If you asked a dancer why she danced, wouldn’t her movement be the way she expressed her reasons? If you asked an architect why he designed, would he share his building plans he is most proud of to demonstrate his inventive passion? Well, it only makes sense that a writer must write to share her reasons for writing.

So, it is a valid question… Why do I write? I write because when I speak my facial expression, tone, outfit, and entire presentation effects the way the listener hears what I have to say. When I write it is twelve-point font on a piece of white paper. The uniform of white and black allows the ideas and words to stand independently. It is mind over matter. I have always found comfort in this; knowing that my thoughts can be communicated to others without having to present the self as well.

For some to isolate the individual’s physical self from the writing might not help… But see, if I place an image here of myself, does it not impact the way you view my words? We say to not judge a book by its cover, but that action is almost inevitable.

If I look like this, will you take me seriously?


I bet you might take me seriously this way:


I won’t lie, even though I am a writer, I still judge books by their covers all the time. I am certain several books on my bookshelf are due to a great cover, or an intriguing title. Perhaps this is why pen names developed, at least a new reason besides the obvious one of gender roles.

Some of the writers I admire most do not write about themselves, but instead about the world, ideas, and often for a cause. One of my favorite writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, has inspired me due to his perspective on the natural world. Another of my favorites, George Orwell, wrote in order to create awareness about political issues. Both of these writers are seen as controversial and evoke many various responses from their readers. For me, they created stimulation in my thought, expression, and have influenced my writing.

I write to change reality. I am a purpose-driven writer, and my writing is meant to convey messages. There is almost always a hope for some form of action – and not just reaction from my reader.

I write for the planet. I write to preserve land, air and water for future generations.

I write for the people. I write for social justice, equality, liberty, freedom, peace.

I write for the words. The truest form of revolution in my opinion is art.

I write for myself. Poetry has alleviated expression, hope, turmoil for me as long as I can remember. I once wrote that poetry is the evolution of the human spirit. The pen and page are my dearest, most loyal friends.

I have always believed that writing is a universal art form. Once a person is taught to read, they can access any form of written information.

My greatest intention is for my message to be understood.

In the end, the goal has always been to improve the world. I write poems and songs for people I love. I want to make myself and others happier.

I write, because, I simply must.


I used to be a dreamer, and thought oh! I’ll change the world if I can be a citizen journalist at the GOP Convention for Huffington Post. I didn’t make it ~ my video was too “artistic” and I didn’t sell myself as a journalist so much as my dreams for the future of our nation. Enjoy the content~

Nancy Finney, American Poet

A few years ago, I shared my poetry on the radio.

I’m hoping to do another show this fall with my new work.

As time passes, I write more rhythmically, less abstractly, and the subject matter changes.

from the style and rhetoric of transcendentalism, and literary prose, to hip hop and urban decay,

what i create, much like my environment, changes.

This is a great preface of what is to come.

Nancy Finney, Electric Poetry, December 4, 2012

a premature flavor occurred on my tongue.
tangible taste of autumn,
dry crisp leaves
crunching underneath barefeet
we meet as flowers in death, depth, the end
of a season