2011 was awesome.  Here’s why:

1. I read [this] poem on stage in Washington, DC at [Powershift] to hundreds of people & recieved a standing ovation. Also read same poem on a bus that runs off of [biodiesel] (vegetable oil) at [Bonnaroo].

2. After 6.5 years I finally graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in writing. Still can’t believe that happened.

3. Protesters were given the title of “[most important person of the year]” in Time magazine. It’s about time.

4. Trip to Fort Benning, Georgia where everyone kept chanting “[somos un america].” An incredible gathering for social justice and novel concept to work together with other nations. Wonderful lesson.

5. Egypt had a [revolution].

6. Completed a year of service with Americorps and wrote about [my experience] to help a millage for education. I’ve never committed to anything for a year before!! And the millage passed.

7. Buses are coming [more often] now thanks to some brilliant men that live in our city. This is great cause now I can get places earlier. (still think cars are bizarre).

8. I planted a tree.Image

9. Saw [Arcade Fire], [Alison Krauss] and [Eminem] at [Bonnaroo Music Festival].

10. I wrote more poetry this year than ever before!

11. Taught people how to hula hoop on the National Mall. They need to loosen up on the east coast ya know.


12. Made sushi for the first time.

13. Dressed up like Einstein for Halloween. Mustaches are so interesting. And when you dress up like a guy on Halloween, nobody hits on you.

Photo courtesy of [Nathan Shumacher]

14. Started graduate school for Public Administration.

15. Got an amazing job doing work I truly believe in.

16. [Snowpocalypse].

17. Detroit Lions won stuff.

18. I went canoeing down the [Pere Marquette River] and enjoyed a sailboat ride on Lake Michigan.

19. Moved 3 times. This is great because I kicked a bunch of baggage to the curb.

20. Best thing I did though, was put a map of the country on my wall next to my bed. 2012: I’m ready to go WHEREVER & do whatever.

❤  peace 2 you all. get [sleazy] & remember to celebrate living. We all know we’ll have some bad days this next one. 2011 was amazing, but it wasn’t perfect. Spent many hours hating everything. These songs helped me turn my frowns upside down, hope they do the same for you. Robert Randolph – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That & India Arie – There’s Hope  ❤