March 2011

without movement there is no rhythm. without rhythm there is no movement.

mind > matter. && e=mc2. mc2=matter. mind = attitude? or:: (perspective. perception. imagination. creation.)

people are simple equations. give good & it will increase exponentially.

i.e. when you’re nice to your neighbor he/she probably will be nice back.


they say they’ll protect the land but that means protecting the people, too…

i wanted to ask this man tonight that worked for the department of environmental quality about living. i wanted to ask him if he had reflected on anything recently like the color of the moonlight…. for example maybe because half the 10.000 holes that have been drilled for natural gas IN MICHIGAN so far were immediately plugged back up… l

Every Rule Has an Exception…
i think legislation should move as language, people, water and grow. and not be in any sort of hurry but in a manner of GROWTH. i have always thought of language as a kind of DNA. so maybe the rules should do that too & it’s like if your method is failing then STOP REFLECT THINK & FIGURE OUT A BETTER WAY. we can do better. omg we get so stuck in our minds like the middle of a mud puddle sometimes. it is so astonishing!!!

so for example… we should love to learn new words and new ideas… and then there are these moments where humans become robots or practice habits and nearly embrace monotony and i do not think this is good and it is absolutely opposite of all organic matter really. well at least it defies biology. like (WHY DOES ((THIS)) EXIST DARWIN?)

and i wonder if they are stuck in moments that are gone. or living in the past, or thinking about it too much. duh history is not the world we are living in we are living in the PRESENT ONE. right now. whatever you’re doing. that’s all you’re doing. that is it, that is all. right now, you can breathe, and that next moment is new and perhaps your REGULATIONS should learn to change too…

so like which game do i have to win exactly in order to figure out how to beat the machine?
who runs the machine?

and why am i playing again?

i’m trying to figure out right now which game takes the most strategy.//i’m thinking golf for individual, and basketball for team.
i feel like the media presents wrestling and football as most important. but they appear to require minimal strategy.? idk maybe it’s just me.

idk what this means but it seems important.

i don’t consider video games to be “games” so i did not include them in this analysis., also.
the word “game” is defined in the dictionary as:
1. an amusement or pastime
2. the material or equipment used in playing certain games
3. a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.

i would like to propose this: the word with the least amount of definitions ought to be the word used. (occam’s razor). so, for example, i like “game” simply put as competitive strategy. idk but how do you compete a machine exactly? idk rly.

and also, with rules. i have played rummy so many ways. and so often after the first game someone does not realize they were playing by a certain criteria of rules. and i think that if rules often change they become misleading. but of course everyone does play a little differently… but i mean who is winning & how do they play?

so i’m talking to this breakdancer about rhythm.
and he asks if i know myself. “who are you?” and i say “well i am a human being. i am a woman. i am not sure.”
and then he asks, “how do you feel about child labor?” I respond, “i disagree.”
he says, “you know how you feel about other things but not yourself.”

& it’s because of how things grow. && well of course one should be constantly learning who they are.

and then i think identifiers create stagnancy in society.

but, i mean i am a daughter, sister, friend, poet, pianist, human.

i guess i don’t understand the question because an answer ought not be defined.

back in august of 2006:

“I can totally see why Thoreau left everything. I don’t know what it is people search for when they leave their lives for something simpler, but it seems like, at least for me, a search for concrete truth. Not that I really understand what that means, either, though.

I realized that I need to start reading fiction again. I don’t have much of an imagination anymore, and despite what others might think, I’ve become rather cynical in general about things. There’s more, too, that needs to be said but I don’t ever know how to say things the way that I need to say them. At least not yet.”

haha wow.

THE UNIVERSE. is simple like pumpkins/just(ifying) magic.

reconsideration.. predisposed ideas of medicine or science are technological interpretations of living.
…. so the oak
RISES & like an empire/empowers height, structure, wealth..

beginnings are always inconceivably simple.
candor vast, & complexity unforeseeable to me,
to see… oh for me
god is a number of integers so vast
& indiscreet comparable to the feeling at the end of a long journey that cannot be measured in tools.

So far.
so there’s an entrance to a mountain.

>>(invisible utopia of imagination)<<

(ism/ism/ism/wall/ism) fences.

there are 2 poles but we are grounded everywhere, obsolete
tangible, magnetic.

*this is a modified version from 2009*

idk how long it takes 4 cannonballz 2 stop at all

((or, back to the drawing board))
I was asked to participate in a thesis project conducted by two female friends of mine. They are Women & Gender Studies majors and this is the final course in their curriculum before graduation… They are attempting to address multiple arenas within identity formation/construction including (but not limited to) linguistics, community, creativity, media, politics.

I won’t disclose all information as they may publish their research in the future. But for now here are a few excerpts from interview questions. All answers are my INDEPENDENT personal responses…. I’ve edited a bit to avoid plagiarizing their work. If you’re interested in the project they are conducting feel free to email me or comment as they are interested in all feedback. You may have relevant input. =)

  • For the following categories, you may use any words to describe your identification or relation to each identity category as you see fit (this includes preferring not to answer). You may also provide a brief explanation of why you choose that/those word(s).
    • Race/ethnicity: member of the genus: homo. member of the species: sapiens
    • Gender: woman
    • Sex: woman
    • Nationality: american (no caps purposefully due to white-mainstream english)
    • Sexual orientation: attracted to empowered & mindful men.
    • Ability status: competent in many fields. inept in others.
    • Education: obtained a writing degree from an institution of education that certified my abilities with credentials they implemented.
    • Class: privileged (had a house, pets, land, food, spending money, mentors, leisure time)
    • Employment: educator, citizen, person, friend, sister, daughter.
    • Religious/spiritual affiliation: sunshine, water, growth, change
    • Political affiliation: freedom. (i want the government to control the things that will stop me from being free. i also want the government to uphold high expectations of me and not limit my individual freedoms. there should not be doubt that with knowledge i can execute freedoms properly and thus have earned them.)
  • Do you feel the media represents your identities in a positive way?No. I think unrealistic expectations are in place for human beings. Those that power mass media are not mindful in their presentation of ideas.
  • Given the cultural view of your identities, how do you relate to your physical body? In other words, do you have a positive or negative relationship to your body?I love the body my parents made me. It has its qualms but it is what I have been given and functions well if I treat it properly.
  • Describe a situation or moment, in which you felt negative emotions because of your identity (identities):I’ve felt degraded many times due to being a woman. Men have not respected me consistently. Many find interest in me due to my body, not brain.
  • If you only had one word to describe your experiences with your social environment, what word would you choose and why?Educational. I have absorbed & learned a lot.
  • Imagine that you are on the world stage and you’re holding the microphone. This is your chance to say everything you’ve experienced thus far in your life. What do you say? What would you want the world to know about your experiences? What advice would you give to improve the world?sit back. relax. smile. be mindful. be empowered. convey respect in all actions.
  • Imagine you have a blank canvas and you’re asked to create an image that represents you, your experiences, and your relations to your body, your media, your community, and the world at large. What would the image look like? In other words, what colors, symbols, and pictures would you use and why? it’d be a big sketch of the diversity of nature. flowers because they start as seeds then become free art. butterflies because they are caterpillars & live in cocoons before flying. rainbows because they come after rain. waves because they rise. sunshine because it’s consistent. the moon because it’s only seen in darkness.

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