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These are my thoughts on smiles, nature, creation, innovation, struggle, legislation, health, music, ethics & humanity.

After awhile I realized my birthday is the morning when sunshine greets and wakens the life of the world.

In addition to this blog, I previously was a citizen journalist for The Rapidian. Read my articles here.

My Master’s thesis was published by Grand Valley State University on historic preservation and urban planning. Nerd out and read here.

I like to write songs. Find the videos on youtube, and audio on soundcloud.

you can contact me on facebook, my pen name is nancy fancy pantz

..via email:



3 Responses to “(about the narrator)”

  1. analogmutant Says:

    Is your header picture shot on Washington St? I like your blog, you have some good insights, and your Twitter usually has some pretty ntersting items as well.


    1. thetreepolice Says:

      thank you. that particular picture was taken at a protest in grand rapids, michigan.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I love reading what you have to say. Thank you for always being honest about your thoughts.


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