June 2011

on wiener/edwards/clinton/pastors/cheaters/liars:

“Constituted power is the product of a grey, incessant alchemy in which good and evil and, along with them, all the metals of traditional ethics reach their point of fusion. It thus becomes a question of irresponsibility and the inability to judge…though one that is situated not beyond good and evil, but rather before.” – Giorgio Agamben

also:: Recent experimental psychology suggests that the more power one has, the less one takes on the perspective of others, implying that the powerful have less empathy.


“geography is the earth slowly moving against itself.” – Ander Monson

Tarot readings for blossoming cities
occur in eastern sectors,
and spread growth.

how hummingbirds draw nectar in winter’s decay,
growth unfolds clasping hands holding or hindering hibernation.

this is nature’s Darwin phase,
where willows weep
and winter retreats.

so morning’s sparrow sings,
rebirthing things like swings, sprigs, twigs, springs…
Eyes can peek and mouths may meet,
But all are the addendum to genre of

In a cemetery lies lingering embers
near spirits once burning,
Once falling,
once living,
//now absent.

Monuments or metals,
Medals, and memories,
the stones of yard’s graves
are collections of human historical factories.

This is why in cold daze,
there hovers ends,
Before ties bending west.
(these part to absence.)

Perhaps bicycles
disseminate wisdom toward
movement and corrode ground
down to sound.

Oil is fluid, allowing gears to be
provoked near rhythmic suggestions.
forward, centrifugal, force.

So old men speak clear,
and young men die withholding fear,
And it becomes a rearview mirror,
Juxtaposing reality in a contingency of
The past, but it draws close,

Caterpillars on ground,
All (now) rough rise compromise.
Turn trash to treasure.

A universal crescendo is a transparent composition.

they say that the good girls are the ones that keep diaries, and the bad girls never have time to write them.

writers share their stories. and empower others to open up their experiences as well. each story is a part of the historical data set and an omission of perspective can cause many discrepancies. it takes very open-minded individuals to explore multiple mental/emotional/geographical landscapes and preserve truths. the idea of truth is really not defined anyway.

Ken Burns said, “History is malleable. A new cache of diaries can shed new light, and archeological evidence can challenge our popular assumptions.”

i am always re-reading my thoughts from journals so as to add experience to reflection/introspection. wisdom is a great gift but we pay for it with our childhood. so many write about “simple love” or “little things”. and reflection proves that the truth is beauty and beauty is love. and everyone writes songs about how all you need is love anyway. and love is what should greet everyone each day.

something good is love. loving what you do, who you’re with, where you come from, where you’re going. bad is: death, destruction, omission of truth?

in the past the “bad girls” seemed cool cause they get so much press coverage and prospective suitors but they seem so far-away from the idea of self-preservation. and i mean, religion is good and as i’ve gotten older it seems like bad girls are just no good and i’d like to not identify as one because ethics and morals and logic all are lacking in the presentation of the self as a negative.

song reference: dan reeder’s “walk to the god house” (you can find it on grooveshark

so, truth = wisdom = time/experience
– childhood/innocence
good = love – bad
bad = destruction