March 2016

I can grow so empty that I become full,
And am so lost, but know right where to go.

I will run fast, but while walkin slow,
And everyday; a solemn road.

This year spring will come, flowers, beauty, sun.
In cold, birds do fly, chase sun and sky.

South I wish yet West I am.
Always travelin’ land.
To find love and home,
My heartbeat always knows.ello-optimized-3106aa5a


Dear city,

your sidewalk benches.
where the weary
rest feet.
oh the streets when we’re


(she’s so HEAVY) (dont be weak)

and woman, woe man, we
beaten down. beatin it. beat up. beatin round bushes.

we are burning.
(we got fire) (let it shine) (spark)

~this light of mine, it ain’t little~

division, this fraction, fences/wall/isms. decisions.

the galaxy’s interior.
is a boundary.

for one dollar,

street soldiers, speak.ello-optimized-0c3cf967

Discharge, ignite, blast,

Combusting reactions subside.

The story is same as the past,

Our seeds grow, live, and die.

I’ve always burned bridges in war,

Grounded but heart in the sky.

The story is same as before,

I love you but now we are wise.

Crumble at once as we fall,

Our ruins have become great walls.

It is time to rebuild with the moon,

We naturally sing to her tune.

And in the valleys out west,

We shall feast, find peace, and rest.