April 2011

The contrast of concrete under feet compared to soil is incredibly noticeable, especially after frequent movement (running, walking, dancing, etc.)

I think most would agree? ((yes_)) ((no_))) (IDK_))

headin’ HOME cuz that’s WHERE the HEART is.WAS.will,BE.

In one day, my hometown can present several alternative lessons not seen recently in pixel form or institutions of any kind. This place is just another in the midst of a perpetually-expanding list that deems agricultural communities are now suburbs and coincidentally not succeeding financially. After dinner with my father and brother, the field adjacent to my home provided a quick glimpse of young doe’s adventure chasing an enormous raccoon.

Our headlights heralded away the darkness of the long driveway as we approached, and these beacons (newly defined spotlights mocking what fire/moon/sunshine/stars do) paused upon these creatures. This acknowledgment of new beings quite rapidly interrupted their innocent celebration of chase and our in-depth conversation on intelligence. My dad and brother noticed the raccoon as he jumped into a tree. I looked past the raccoon and saw the doe. It looked openly into my eyes.

The way we prefaced our arrival in a loud machine with wheels seemed awfully rude.

    >?< resting time is…? soon

Later in the day I sat down in the middle of this field where the journey began. The small meadow is only 3 acres. An eagle perches upon a stone that was once an aesthetic building block of concrete for Michigan’s State Capitol. Next to this is a flag pole originally erected by my father to honor traditions of flags representing recent (but not so tangible) pasts. Today Michigan State University’s large “S” billowed in the wind’s movement.

The original biological family unit is dismantled and has traversed to other latitudes and longitudes, however this particular place is a geographical point of origin for each individual involved.

Original scenery.

When my brothers and I were young the green space was a stage for growth, creation, observation, education, community and laughter. The trees planted along the driveway by my father and mother when I was an infant stand tall today. They have grown close to each other through time. They are a penetrable fence that separates air while simultaneously allowing movement between its parts much like breath moves words. These pines persevere and indeed remain emerald in the harsh winter. The open sky the space creates is called “the universe” to many. Here one can imagine, unravel, and connect sparkling dots upon darkness. It needs little explanation. The wonder it employs is absolutely necessary for human spiritual expansion and examination as it is limitless & inspiring.

The tree branches seek to connect their limbs across the area that separates them. Some move east, others west. These are simple legacies of history. Here there are relationships with land that do not deplete but simply greet, meet, and compete. The competition for growth between roots and land have not stunted any of the things that live in the field. They all live together quite correctly and fluidly reaching for sunshine on some level or another.

&& also, headlights < sunlight.


The following questions have been bothering me lately. I have not yet found solutions or responses that are anything more than vague, abstract conclusions & observations about potential truths. However it is imperative they are listed and over the long-term an answer is an expectation that ought be met. As mentioned previously, eloquence is a process, as is the (currently unmeasurable) idea of wisdom. It is of no surprise that at my young age, despite the immense amount of research & observation accumulated, that there are many questions without answers. These are the ones that address skepticism, cynicism, apathy and pessimism most generally.

Implementation of thoughts into the most widely used human tool: language.

What are the long-term effects of light-pollution?
Are people really so unaware that they need visual cues for stopping & going? (e.g. streetlights, road signs, warning signs, etc.)
Why are certain people able to communicate with their own species better than others?
Why are certain people unable to communicate with their own species at all?
What is the cause of apathy?
Why are some people convinced that their own beliefs, standards, opinions are accurate and thus do not question their methods?
What does having an ego mean? … And is this an extension of consciousness, language, culture, personality, psychology, Darwinism ideology?
When does a person recognize and embrace the idea of death, and come to terms with the concept? Is it a significant memorable moment, or simply an advancement of time?
What does the word “intelligence” mean and are the methods used to test the brains efficiency accurate?
Why do we insinuate/assume so frequently negative, selfish, greedy intentions of others?
Who in the population tends to find success and what types of strategies are the most effective?

freedom requires (based on my personal experience, perspective & opinion): bravery, courage, empowerment, perspective.

Wikipedia Definition (a notable and interesting read)

there are 17 definitions for freedom in the dictionary. this means linguists have trouble defining it. dictionaries are written and put together by a board. this board consists of a group of people termed “experts” with words. words define us.

liberty seems the most common theme within the dictionary. liberty only has 8 definitions. most use the following words: bravery, power, privilege, unrestricted.

diverse strategy + consistent goal = success.
power:: pen > sword.

missing: creativity, respect, experience, wisdom, attitude, struggle, equality….