traffic jams slow
my heart.
pound, bleed, start, breathe.

stop – wait.
lights gotta shine
on & on & on
me… you.
u know they always tryna show u where 2 go. (they think we don’t know)

…i look both ways b4 crossin the road. and dont need to be told
when or where
(cuz im bold)

oh, no/no/no.

& they’re all: “left-right-red-yellow-gooo (slow)”


i hugged a poet one time
in the middle
of division street.
(yea they call it that. it runs perpendicular 2 wealthy.)

downtown there’s a city built to devise/we were born to decide
which people

they say the rest should goodbye cuz “i want the whole damn pie.”
so, survive


“shhhh baby its all bogus”
its a joke or a hoax jus dont be like THOSE folks.

use your words with no restriction
cuz they talkin bout…

champagne change. cigars & cars. top-shelf self-help.
how bizarre.


i’m not down with division.
just obsessed with rough revisions.

so baby, please. don’t tread on me.
my colors ain’t runnin cuz im free