Technology changes us, but i won’t be a machine.

Language now has a visual function. Language now has a visual function. Language now has a visual function.

from what i see. Do you see? Can you read? Agree? #eyes #eyeballs

…I don’t hear you… …You can’t hear me…

“It’s not the message, it’s the means.” Marshall McLuhan proclaimed back in the 1960s.


Rewind, repeat. #what

It doesn’t matter what your machine says. It matters that you have a machine in your hand. A machine is a phone. a machine is a vespa. a machine is a GUN.

Hear me speak. Love is built within. It’s surround sound. love is all around.

Silence is like loving:

  • eye contact
  • trust
  • rhythm

Language is living under the guise of literacy. Bourgeoise.

Let’s sing together. have u ever wondered if ur friend ran away from home cuz it was so bad they never smiled? or sang? or had a book?

DO YOU EVER WONDER HOW BAD IT COULD BE? at night, do u ever wonder?

Perhaps we suppress ears for eyes. RACISM is a system. SEXISM is a system.

i wanna be a lullabye.

“America is therefore one of the countries where the precepts of Descartes are best studied and are least applied. Everyone shuts himself tightly up within himself and insists upon judging the world from there.” –  Alexis de Tocqueville

alphabetic literacy, typographic culture,  leaders of isolation.