September 2011

the veteran is painted: concrete, steel, stone.
work together, but stand alone.

it’s this that makes shades blend.
the world is round, not flat.
colorful, ever-changing, and constantly growing.


some say during the day differentiate the HEART from the HEAD.

but why hate on making things whole?
anatomy says both are one and together make our bodies full.

without a beat there’s no rhythm in a body made of fluid (to flow).
without a brain, we don’t feel. no pain, no fame, no gain.

without blood my body is just a frame & becomes unmoving unnerving and predictable: death.

(they) talk about world unification projects // but i project a determination of mind and body CONNECTions to fix nations.

it ain’t just about mind over matter. what it means is your mind matters.

the mind runs on the fuel of the heart. and the mind moves the heart, too. it’s symbiosis. an ecology of bodies (we should employ the philosophy) into policy, economy, society.

but, i am a woman. irrational, indescribable, beautiful, emotional, responsible, and FULL with the blood that i feel moving from my heart to my brain and back again. the fluid in me never begins or ends and it is this perspective that lets me know my heart and brain are one, the same.