i am a tree and a tear and a concert at the courthouse playing for peace. they say heaven is all around you but there is no respect some days to witness. where are ideas of family, community tranquility?

before the show begins you should pray to the deity that made your soul transcend what you see/hear/feel.

it takes years of spiritual cleansing to create gratitude. (holy water).

perhaps this is dance & movement of sound before all you’ll ever see. (teaches to flow).

there is a flavor for joy and a flavor for meandering i believe it goes thyme and lavender respectively. and i do not understand squares it is unfair i am so wholly holy circularity.

love the sunshine more than moonshine. & yes, energy comes from coalmines.
so by the way. just keep on keepin on.

keep wishin on dimes.. see, it’s only a matter of time. “i have seen the light it is my mind.”