October 2011

i’ve got a date with love because all the world is inside of me. and love is never on a time schedule.
you can be the star shining behind the clouds, or the sun peering over the mountaintop, falling into darkened lives.
(where’s all my soul sisters?)
we got beats, & my girls got heat, don’t like 2 much meat, & wanna keep things sweet… walk on concrete, sit back repeat… at least i ain’t wall street!
skeet, skeet (shuffle move groove) ;;;;

the boys downtown get around (fast) and don’t make a sound (shut yo trap). you know this is just a game, right? watch out 4 the deetz

never fallin’ down


to be brave one has to be a survivor, not a victim. this creates courage. courage translates into bravery.

building a wall against judgment is incredibly difficult in a world where people use eyes more than any other of the senses. (the most important of these is touch).

people talk whether you do good or bad deeds. the world has beauty but consistent good of people wavers and changes, much like seasons.

this is why people pray.

hope, faith, imagine, love, dream, create, high expectations…

“it’s tough out there.” the dj tells me.
“your love is going to kill you.” my former lover states.
“if anybody can do it it’s you.” the writer says over lunch.
“stay strong.” my best friend of over a decade whispers after a glass of wine.

the elements can destroy anything if the timing is right. a stream made the grand canyon.

yesterday, i was sitting with politicians that want to merge the city and county governments and move from a weak mayor to a strong mayor, and from non-partisanship to partisanship. essentially, they want control to shift and alleviate issues of communication. the idea is not inherently bad, and worth exploring but is somewhat misinformed. many have never even lived in the city (most of its residents live in poverty). (where you stand depends on where you sit).

i felt sad because if it all goes through, they have so much money and power they’d be able to convince the public it was the best idea despite its flaws. money and power run everything, even in this mid-sized city.

so i went and sat on the river after this and tried to breathe. i thought about how water moves slowly and always finds balance and is all connected. my eyes filled with water of their own.

after a few minutes a strange movement struck the edge of my peripheral vision. i noticed a fish tail flopping into the air. two eight year old girls ran up next to me to try and figure out what the fish was doing. “what is wrong with it? is it a shark?” they asked me. this caused a grin to sneak back onto my distraught face. i responded, “the fish is going against the stream. it doesn’t look like she’s giving up anytime soon.”